I always dreamt about the day I’d write a blog about my writing. It’s funny, then, that the reality feels more like a dream.

I have very clear goals* about what I want from this blog, mainly that I want it to offer the same service that other, better, blogs had offered me in my quest to publication. While I’m still on this journey, I guess now’s the point at which I start this tale that’ll only grow in the telling.

I want this blog to answer questions like:

  • How do I write a query letter?
  • How do I get a literary agent?
  • Why is Ravenclaw the best house?
  • How long should my book be?
  • Why are M&Ms the superior chocolate?
  • How good is LGBTI+ YA?

*Read: not very clear at all

All that will come, but for now this is just a little note from me to say, I’m very excited to be here.

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